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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Take Care -Copeland

I'll take care of you oh
Have faith that when you call my name
I'll be there

It was a straight faced lie I believed
It was a straight faced lie
You would ever leave me
But for now I'll keep believing your words
And soon enough my strength will return

I'll take care of you oh
Have faith that when you call my name
I'll be there
I'll be right there
So keep breathing oh
Keep that sweet heart of yours beating
I'll be right there
I'll be right there

Let me draw the blinds for you
You can watch the sunset from
The bed in your hospital room
Until you're sleeping, I'm sure
I don't understand how I found a love so pure

I'll take care of you oh
Have faith that when you call my name
I'll be there
I'll be right there
So keep breathing oh
Keep that sweet heart of yours beating
I'll be right there
I'll be right there

Don't lift a finger
Let me show you
The only way to let this go
Don't lift a finger
Let me hold you
Hold you here until the pain it has all gone

sorry my brudders and sisters
i just happened to feel Emo now cos of something that i was told about a few hours before
quite surprised something like that can strike someone so close to me
learnt to never take things for granted and whine about how shitty the world is

as for you, hope you stay strong and know I will be there whenever you need someone to pour out your feelings to..

12:03 AM

Monday, March 27, 2006

Merry Birthdays and Happy Election Day

ok here i am once again my fellow brudders and sisters
sorry i spoilt your appetites a with my picture in the previous post
yeah i guessed i was too obsessed on becoming a super hero
anyway i wished that the PAP would not become like the government in the movie V for Vendetta (did u really think i would wish for that??!!)

haha...anyway speaking bout the PAP, i think some of the MPs are really effective and influential eh.
On Sunday morning, when i just woke up from my beauty sleep at 10am cos i was kidnapped and stranded at Ang Mo Kio till 2am Sat nite, my youngest sis, Nadia, aged 4+, said this to me in the Mat language:

Nadia: Eh abang, Mummy is bringing me to the sports carnival just opposite our house!!
Me: errr..go there for wat?..
Nadia: i wanna see Tharman!!..
Me: zzzzz.....

even my 4 yr old sis who cant talk properly knows who Mr Tharman Subskahshusonofmalik (ok i dunno how to spell the 2nd part) is..
maybe she has a crush on him i dunno..haha
aiyah why i care so much about the election when we all know what is gonna happen
even the Straits Times is accused of putting too much limelight on the PAP and nothin on the Opposition so i think Singalanders should just hope they give us more money especially to the Mat community so that we can use the money to buy enough cigarettes..eh no i meant food..

Elections aside,

remember remember the 24th of March
when a boy so adorable was born
and the world knew,
that God had answered their prayers for a better world

ok I am quite bad at this..haha
its quite fun when u have your friends around to celebrate your Birthday with you (right Hafi??..haha)
i mean, before this I was not a birthday person, i would just treat the day like any other and of course you do not want SJI guys to know your birthday because most probably you will end up with a broken rib..haha

I think people celebrate Birthdays without reflecting its real significance afterwards
its not just about the ability to:
-smoke ..haha
- drink. .
- drive..
- watch M18 movies (when you can have sex at 16??!)

its about the responsibilty that is placed on you
that whatever you do now, ure ultimately responsible for it and not anyone esle's fault anymore
you are responsible for your own actions (got that Tammy?)

What do YOU think birthdays are for?

11:24 PM

Welcome to the M18 Club

V For Vendetta

D For Dweebish

12:18 AM

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Of Flaming Lamborghinis And Virgin Marys

yes I am back my fellow mat brudders and sisters
although I know most of you guys do not bring anything to school other than a small bag containing your wallets and MP3s and mobile phones, I must admit I do not have that much of a caliber to memorise all my notes and textbooks to the extent that I don't have to learn anything in school..haha

ok back to the topic, no I am not advertising for fast cars or even virgin girls??!!
yes my brudders I am referring to cocktails instead since I understand that most of you have not tried or tasted any of it

i just realised that some of you might be even more experienced than me,judging from that person who served us was one our brudders himself, and the person preparing the drinks was one of our sisters
Indeed Im disappointed in all of you yet again people
yes i know you young ones might say,
"hey its not our fault that we are now involved in this, take a look at our fathers who are seen frequently drinking alphabets(ABC) and Tigers at the heartland coffee shops"

Whats the world coming to?..
let me end off with this note, we cant blame other races for degrading us if we ourselves are at fault by going against our religion and getting into this baloney.

But its kinda funny when you are around drunkards ( ya Im not one of them)
at first they will start stoning..as in go really quiet and stuff and you don't know whether they are ok.
And then when you ask them whether they are drunk,they say No consciously and you think they are fine.
but then when stupid things happen to them like, banging into glass doors and laughing out loud for no reason and singing and grooving to dumb songs like Mary Had A Little Lamb(??!!), then you know...

That their world is turning round and round...:D

7:52 AM

Saturday, March 18, 2006

All about the Malaysian spirit with Saints' hockers

hows it hanging my mat brudders and sistas??
and wat the heck happened to my blog template dey?
waahhh look like my lau sai the other day laar
chao ah lian better do something bout it soon before lin peh stay kao-pehing

anyway i just came back from KL with my hockey team (yes im a hocker if u didnt realise)
so if you were wondering why i didnt update, no i didnt die after smoking too much cheap Malaysian cigarettes
yes i went there to ogle at our counterparts(the Msian minahs) instead of playing good hockey..

anyway not only i took back alot of hockey skills from the Malaysians,but coincidentally also learnt more bout themselves

Like when playing hockey, u can wear additional gears like:
1. a cap
2. track pants..
3. a Tudung?!!

yes people..u sisters wont even wear a tudung when attending a funeral,let alone when playing hockey or other sport.

Imagine playing beach volleyball in sunny Sentosa in full gear(covered from head to toe) including socks and tudung..
Champion already sia that one.


If people actually think wearing tudung is good for the players as it gives extra protection, Nike actually invents a dri-fit and lightweight tudung for sports activities

ok i shall not comment anymore about this before these companies copy my ideas:)

anyway i noticed something good about the people there lar..to my own surprise..haha
When the SAints girls team were playing with one of their teams, i noticed most of the spectators there were cheering like theres no tomorrow for their team although they were being trashed.
And more shocking i think these people not young, but look like they are already in their late 30s and some of them actually are not related to any of the Malaysian hockers,meaning they came there to watch for fun..haha

You guys might say "so What??", but i believe u rarely get this atmosphere in Singaland
if its about National pride and cheering for the country, Singaporeans are still unwilling and give a heck care attitude
last time i myself saw a National soccer match was in 2001 Tiger Cup i think, when the Singas lost to the Tigers 4-0
yea that infamous trashing which made almost everyone lose hope in the National soccer team
i think it was the only match since then where Singaland saw a record crowd of over 40000 fans at Kallang Stadium
sad to say my mat brudders wanted to leave after we were down 2-0 and half of the crowd left at that time

Why cant we be like the Malaysians in supporting our teams no matter whether in times of glory or downfall??
this might just be an example,but do u think the athletes in Australia at the Commonwealth games now are receiving the support that they deserve?
people just give a pat on their back if there bring home a medal one day, but if they perform badly the next time, all they receive is negative criticism instead of moral support to improve

MAybe Singaporeans should change ur mindset about these international competitions...
its not just about the prize money, the medals, the fame received
its about contributing to the country, not just by representing but also supporting and cheering

Actually from these events, i realise we can actually tell how united a country is from the support a team gets
if you don't agree....

remember the 2002 World Cup where the whole world saw how the Japanese and Koreans cheered on for their respective teams?
didnt that change your own perpectives about the two Nations??

12:15 AM

Friday, March 17, 2006

hello everyone! :D

oei dweebo! im somewhat done with your blog. i cant find a nice brown. so here's a rather shit-like brown for your layout.
anyways. i'm bored!
study hard for block tests! cannot fail! and get well soon!

oh and the tagboard very not matching now. i'll fix it for you some other day lah. anyways only me and malik know about your blog now so ugly also nevermind right.


-wentong! (:

8:35 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Present adults=Lousy parents?

Ok my brudders..it wasnt the real me in the first post
it was my best buddy Tan Ah Kao
he was helping me create my blog
please pardon him for his superb England
so yes..this is the real me my mat brudders..
the one the 1st Singapore Idol himself idolised...

ok thats enough..let me get back to my story
Im very disappointed in all of you,my mat brudders..

In the wake of the recent murder of 2-yr Nonoi or Nurasyura Mohamed Fauzi, people of Singaland are stil confused over her family tree..

People ask me...
Friend 1: eh Faris, is it true that Muslims can marry up to 4 times??
Me: err...ya
Friend 1: wah shiok eh..how come like that one?
Me: err..its just a rule la..but if u think bout it right, there are no rules regarding how many times u can marry in other religions wat.so why the big hoo haa about Muslims only??

dont u think its true?
if there is no rule in the first place,who people even give a damn about how many girls a guy can fornicate in his lifetime?
or for the situation now,how many guys a girl can fornicate...
think people nowadays will do what they are told not to do lar..rather than follow instructions
as weird as it seems..

back to Nonoi's story..
i know many of us feel there is alot of injustice done
as for me,i dun only pity the poor girl who didnt even get to taste Gelare's waffles and ice cream before she got murdered,
but i also pity my own community
yes you..my Malay brudders and sisters

didnt your mother tell u that by having pre-marital sex, u will end up in HELL?
didnt your father tell you not to get married if u got no money?
didnt ur parents tell that it is not wise to have 5-6 children when u are only 22 with no proper source of income?
guess you didn't listen huh..
or did they not tell you?...

10:06 PM


wah sial lar!!..
i have not even started blogging my first post and now im thinking of closing it down...haha
anyway i think blogging is abit pointless lar..
see how strict Singaland govt is..wanna talk at speaker's corner also must ask their permission
like primary school eh..
ok ok shall not talk to much la
later ah beng will call me not 6 times..but 666 times..hurhur
the only reason I blog also is cos i broke up with my gal and now i have no one to talk to( its true..)
the pooh bear i sleep with everyday lost its head due to my younger sis who got nothing else to bite(thank god she haven't watched Tammy's video)...
and now im all alone:((

anyway dun think u guys know who i am la huh..
will update more about myself if this blog can survive
because my life quite boring one..everyday change mobile phone only like some spoilt rich kid
eh dun get me wrong, im not the ah beng handphone seller u see in Clementi everyday..those kind who charge $100 more if they see u are more good looking than them..
but how to look even worse than them if u can only see piercings all over their face sia?

Moral of the Story : Pierce your whole face if u think u are ugly

9:10 PM


I may talk like an ah beng.
I might act like a mat.
But dun judge a book by its
price tag.


March 2006


the ah lian
the ah neh


wentong! for doing this entire thing :D
blogger for the blog.
blogskins for the template.

tag (: